To give a high quality service.
To be in constant pursuit of prettiness, education, connection and a good time.
We want the Deeda brand to propel Sacramento to be an internationally recognized city for style and culture.
Mostly, we want to be really, really good.

Deeda Salon hugs the border of East Sacramento and Midtown, between a quiet neighborhood and an industrial landscape. The building is what first inspired sister and brother duo, Angelina and Brian to open a salon. It once served as a lumberyard in the 1930s, then as a live-in studio for artist, Gerald Walburg. There is a historical side to the building with its high ceilings, wooden beams and brick walls as well as a dreamier side with its stained glass, colorful tiles and other hidden charms sprinkled throughout the salon.
A big shout out goes to Jill and Pedro Caceres who were central to the design and layout of Deeda. Angelina and Brian made the project a family endeavor and from the ground up, they all sanded, painted, built every station and transformed this amazing space into a salon. The vision was to create a centered flow of energy and community and play off of the building’s history by using repurposed wood while keeping the Gerald Walburg flavor too. Four years later, there is still a warm, urban yet rustic feel to the shop. Full of natural light and handmade furniture, the atmosphere creates a mood and a vibe that resonates with our clients.
For Angelina, Deeda is the realized dream of a barbershop where everyone is allowed. It’s a place for all styles and all ages, a crossroads for beauty, art, fashion and our signature style of prettiness. The Deeda spirit is all about bringing creative people together and collaborating. We feature clothing from Cuffs Closet inside Deeda and decorate the walls with local art. Whether it is a photo shoot or a fashion show, we truly love the creative process and supporting our community.
“Deeda Make Pretty” means that trends come and go, but we will always maintain our standard of pretty. It might sound vague, but it is something that our clients understand with every service. At the core of our method is excellent form that comes from a strong education, combined with our stylists’ individual instinct, style and creative eye. We believe you can’t sacrifice one for the other. Deeda stylists make it a point to get to know their client’s lifestyle, sense of personal style and how to play up their best features always staying on the pretty side of things.

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