So So Sassoon

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A group of our stylists including Deeda owner Angelina, stylists Malerie, Emily, Paige, Schielah and Ali took a week away from the salon in November to attend classes at the San Francisco Vidal Sassoon Academy to really get down to the foundation of Sassoon cutting and technique.

One week dedicated all to the art of haircutting!

One week to really focus on all of the physical movements that affect a haircut. Discipline, technique, body posture, structure and foundation are all central to this idea.

Here are some favorite enigmatic Sassoon cuts on some really dandy dames.

Mary Quant


Nancy Kwan


Grace Coddington


The five-point cut on Grace Coddington


Peggy Moffitt


Mia Farrow


Check out the Spring/Summer 2012 collection and the pretty pastel colors! Yes it’s a link!

The doc about Sassoon’s life and philosophy is really amazing too!

Malerie’s male model at Sassoon mwuahaha

Sassoon crew: Wayne (instructor), Schielah, Ali, Emily, Angelina, Malerie, Paige, Joseph (instructor)

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