Stone Fox Shopping Event

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We hosted our very first Supply Shopping event recently and we were so happy to see those of you that attended. We were inspired by textures, patterns and ultimately by the 70′s era.  Our fall collection consisted of clothing from Somedays Lovin, MinkPink  Lush Clothing and apothecary/accessories from Herbivore Botanicals, Greenmarket Purveying Co., Pinrose, KOMONO, Baggu and more! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for more updates on future events, new clothing & other exciting things we have going on. Thank you and we hope to see you all again next time! Here are some photos from the event. Our full recap video will be available soon. Enjoy!

- Ceara

Instagram: @supplyxdeeda | @deedamakepretty

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Twitter: @deedasalon

Photos by Ceara Kennedy / Hunter Keating






Stone Fox

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In the wake of the harvest moon, she never forgets her summer self.

Fall in Sacramento makes you feel like life in the desert. Dry hot heat in the day with a chill wind at night.

Here are some looks from our Supply x Deeda Fall 2015 Collection. 70′s inspired and re-imagined.

Don’t forget to stop by Deeda this upcoming Sunday, October 11th from 2-5pm for our Stone Fox Supply Shopping Event where you’ll find more of our Fall Collection.

- Michelle

Hair and style by Adrienne Cheng

 Photos by Ceara Kennedy 

 Makeup by Javie Huerta

Summer Blues

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With all of the emphasis on pastel and rainbow colored hair Adrienne shakes things up by offering a new hue to obsess over. Like your favorite jeans, you can’t help but love this navy/indigo blue shade she has created here. Inspired by cruising Sacramento neighborhoods during the summer, Adrienne shows her model under a canopy of trees with a messy beach wave in an unexpected color palette. This hair will leave onlookers telling their friends about this beautiful girl they saw riding her bike, looking for her everywhere and seeing her ride by every now and then with the same capturing effect. -Michelle

 Hair color and style by Adrienne Cheng

Makeup by Diana Gonzalez

Photos by Jenn Bartell Photography + Design

Adrienne’s 70s inspired Pretty Session

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This Spring we are really inspired by the 1970′s. We noticed a lot of 70′s buzz at the New York Fashion week spring collections and we were definitely picking up what they were putting down. At our most recent Pretty Sessions Javie, Adrienne and Adrianna presented some styles inspired by that era. A little Studio 54 glamour, a little Topanga Canyon ease. Hair by Javie, Adrienne and Adrianna. Makeup by Diana Gonzales and Kate Ambers. Photos by Jenn Bartell.

Brunettes: Taren’s Pretty Session

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Brunette does not mean boring! Taren’s Pretty Session intended to showcase a variety of brunette tones to show off their beauty and power. Some girls have a strong solid tone to enhance skin type and features while some have more dimensional color that enhance the texture and movement of their hair cut.

Kiley has a solid blue black tone to showcase her young and fresh glowy skin.
Elise is the violet brunette with a dark shadow at her root and dimension throughout. The violet brings out the pink tones in her skin and her natural rosy cheeks, while the dimension softens her features to keep it looking really feminine.
Suzanne is a warm, dark solid brown to bring out the shadow underneath her cheek bones which enhances her bone structure.
With Judy, we wanted to show a nice transition from her previous ombré. We richened and darkened everything while maintaining the dimension that she loved from her previous color.
Bobbie is light golden brown. She also came in with ombré hair color. We brightened her roots up a bit to enhance the gold in her skin. She looks healthier, softer, and more sun kissed while still living in the brunette world.







Our Clients are So Cool! Ali Nelson on The Everygirl

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Angelina has a way of attracting other like-minded creatives to her. Ali is one of those clients that we have been lucky enough to work with. Her aesthetic aligns so much with ours with its eclectic, undone feel – we were so excited to see that she was featured on THE EVERYGIRL. Click here to see the article.

Girl after our own heart <3 Keep on making pretty things Ali!


The Pretty Sessions hosted by Adrianna

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My inspiration was to show off a bold masculine cut that can be feminine, fun and pretty. With the one length bob I wanted to show how it could a one length could be airy and have a lots of movement and texture. I paired the two cuts to show two very different techniques – one being very technical and precise and the other being freehand and visual. They both show that the hair is brought to the same place to create a weight line. The makeup look shows the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine as well. The skin is soft, matte and natural showing off the contour of the face paired with a strong, bold lip that makes a statement. -Adrianna

Cuts by Adrianna

Color by Adrienne

Makeup by June Ray

SUPPLY x Deeda First Look

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It’s finally feeling like fall in Sacramento! Most of our clients have had a chance to see our new retail section, SUPPLY by Deeda but for those of you new to the shop here is a first look at the space. Whether you are shopping for you, a friend or your little one we have you covered. Check out brands like BAGGU and Wolfe Brothers + co in store now and new styles from Somedays Lovin coming soon!

Deeda x The Style and Beauty Circus at TBD mentioned in NYLON magazine

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When we were approached by Lisa Kennedy of the Style & Beauty Circus to be part of the backstage experience at TBD, (formerly LAUNCH) we were immediately on board. We had gone to Launch in the past and every year it has gained more momentum. This year, based on the lineup, the location and especially all of the people involved putting TBD together, we knew it would be an amazing experience and super fun! We had no idea that we would get so many cool shout outs from the Sacramento Bee and NYLON magazine! (link to articles below) We were so honored to be a part of the VIP backstage experience for the artists, where they could come get a haircut, style and/or makeup done to get ready for their sets instead of being stuck in their trailer the whole time. With a nail artist, clothing from Crossroads and us in one tent along with a cozy couch, I would say it was quite the place to be. Below you’ll find photos of the experience from Jenn Bartell , Sac Bee and Nylon.


NYLON article

Sac Bee Article