Adrienne’s 70s inspired Pretty Session

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This Spring we are really inspired by the 1970′s. We noticed a lot of 70′s buzz at the New York Fashion week spring collections and we were definitely picking up what they were putting down. At our most recent Pretty Sessions Javie, Adrienne and Adrianna presented some styles inspired by that era. A little Studio 54 glamour, a little Topanga Canyon ease. Hair by Javie, Adrienne and Adrianna. Makeup by Diana Gonzales and Kate Ambers. Photos by Jenn Bartell.

Brunettes: Taren’s Pretty Session

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Brunette does not mean boring! Taren’s Pretty Session intended to showcase a variety of brunette tones to show off their beauty and power. Some girls have a strong solid tone to enhance skin type and features while some have more dimensional color that enhance the texture and movement of their hair cut.

Kiley has a solid blue black tone to showcase her young and fresh glowy skin.
Elise is the violet brunette with a dark shadow at her root and dimension throughout. The violet brings out the pink tones in her skin and her natural rosy cheeks, while the dimension softens her features to keep it looking really feminine.
Suzanne is a warm, dark solid brown to bring out the shadow underneath her cheek bones which enhances her bone structure.
With Judy, we wanted to show a nice transition from her previous ombré. We richened and darkened everything while maintaining the dimension that she loved from her previous color.
Bobbie is light golden brown. She also came in with ombré hair color. We brightened her roots up a bit to enhance the gold in her skin. She looks healthier, softer, and more sun kissed while still living in the brunette world.







Our Clients are So Cool! Ali Nelson on The Everygirl

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Angelina has a way of attracting other like-minded creatives to her. Ali is one of those clients that we have been lucky enough to work with. Her aesthetic aligns so much with ours with its eclectic, undone feel – we were so excited to see that she was featured on THE EVERYGIRL. Click here to see the article.

Girl after our own heart <3 Keep on making pretty things Ali!


The Pretty Sessions hosted by Adrianna

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My inspiration was to show off a bold masculine cut that can be feminine, fun and pretty. With the one length bob I wanted to show how it could a one length could be airy and have a lots of movement and texture. I paired the two cuts to show two very different techniques – one being very technical and precise and the other being freehand and visual. They both show that the hair is brought to the same place to create a weight line. The makeup look shows the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine as well. The skin is soft, matte and natural showing off the contour of the face paired with a strong, bold lip that makes a statement. -Adrianna

Cuts by Adrianna

Color by Adrienne

Makeup by June Ray

SUPPLY x Deeda First Look

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It’s finally feeling like fall in Sacramento! Most of our clients have had a chance to see our new retail section, SUPPLY by Deeda but for those of you new to the shop here is a first look at the space. Whether you are shopping for you, a friend or your little one we have you covered. Check out brands like BAGGU and Wolfe Brothers + co in store now and new styles from Somedays Lovin coming soon!

Deeda x The Style and Beauty Circus at TBD mentioned in NYLON magazine

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When we were approached by Lisa Kennedy of the Style & Beauty Circus to be part of the backstage experience at TBD, (formerly LAUNCH) we were immediately on board. We had gone to Launch in the past and every year it has gained more momentum. This year, based on the lineup, the location and especially all of the people involved putting TBD together, we knew it would be an amazing experience and super fun! We had no idea that we would get so many cool shout outs from the Sacramento Bee and NYLON magazine! (link to articles below) We were so honored to be a part of the VIP backstage experience for the artists, where they could come get a haircut, style and/or makeup done to get ready for their sets instead of being stuck in their trailer the whole time. With a nail artist, clothing from Crossroads and us in one tent along with a cozy couch, I would say it was quite the place to be. Below you’ll find photos of the experience from Jenn Bartell , Sac Bee and Nylon.


NYLON article

Sac Bee Article



Our girl: Nicole Kniss by Adrienne

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Nicole Kniss just makes Sacramento a better place to live. This girl loves Michael Jackson, Star Wars, nail art and is one half of the dream design team Van Der Neer, along with her longtime boyfriend Justin.  She has a day job as a barista and a nanny and has an infectious sense of charm and humor that makes you want to hang around her all day long.  I’ve had the pleasure of taking her hair from long to a fun, swingy bob and we’ve done shades of silver, pink and peach this year.  You can find her designs on Etsy and at

Megan’s Pretty Session

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Pretty Sessions part deux: Beauty is everywhere…

For our second Pretty Sessions series we took a cue from nature like spring blossoms emerging from a decaying shrub in our very own midtown area.  Megan, our model, is a recent college grad.  She’s a sometimes actress who is planning a trip to Canada to utilize her love for the French language she’s been studying.  She was open to a color change with a twist.  Adrienne freshened up her sandy roots with a medium warm brown and added pops of green, purple and electric banana color, similar to the colors found in our local flora.  Angelina then created a stronger fringe with “chops”, giving her a slightly sixties vibe.  A little boheme, a little psychedelic and a true example that inspiration can be found anywhere.


Abby’s Pretty Session

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As some of you may know Deeda has brought on a new product line called Purely Perfect from Bumble and bumble founder Michael Gordon. Purely Perfect is consisted of three products so far, consisting of Cleansing Creme, Foundation Creme and a blow dry lotion called Smooth Finish. At the core of their philosophy, MG and his team have dedicated themselves to telling the hair and really, life stories of the individuals in their lives and people they meet on the street in New York. They are a movement called Hairstory and they have been influential to us and helped us to take a look at the real person we are working with and find out who they really are and what they want to be. It seems like such a simple concept, but after you get to a certain age people stop asking, “What do you want to be?” when really, we should never stop asking this question.

After visiting New York in January and speaking to Michael Gordon one on one, Angelina thought there was real freedom in meeting real people in our neighborhoods and circle of friends and telling their story through making them look how they want to be seen. That leads us to our first Pretty Session with Abby, a local barista that Angelina met one morning on her way in to work. She was totally open to changing up her look and her hair color from her natural shade. Although Abby has had various other shades in the past, her current job does not allow her to have unnatural colors in her hair. Ruling that out, Adrienne made her this peachy blond and Angelina gave her a cut that was still long enough to wear in a variety of styles.

Getting to know Abby has been fun as she has worked with us on a couple of other projects since this first pretty session. She loves goth nights at DNA lounge in San Francisco and she is an animal lover studying veterinary medicine. She has great posture and grace and wit about her that is uncommon today. Stay tuned for the next pretty session.