Candy Girls

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What better way to accessorize your favorite angora sweater than a pop of color in your hair?

Bienvenue Gianna…

…et Nicole. 

Creative color thanks to Adrienne Cheng

Styled using Bumble and bumble and Purely Perfect products.

Makeup by Javie

Shout out to Adrienne’s muses, Gianna and Nicole

Photos by Katie Roan


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Daytrip, our first short film was shot in Lincoln, CA as well as Curtis Park and Land Park of Sacramento. It is the story of a Sacramento summer with its tree-lined streets, sunny days, neighborhood ice cream shops. Cruising in the ’62 VW bug, meeting up with friends and spending the whole day together. The way the light changes throughout the day from the sun in your eyes to the soft light of the late afternoon all the way to sundown. Playing dress up and climbing trees, walking barefoot never gets old…

Credits are in the credits babes.

Models styled with Bumble and bumble and Purely Perfect products.

Tropical Summer

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It may only be the beginning of March, but as Sacramento weather gets warmer we are already dreaming of summer…

Collage by Emily for Deeda does Summer inspiration

Stay tuned for more Pretty Sessions and posts about the new product line we are carrying called Purely Perfect.. Time to simplify…

Family and The Family Business

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The holidays are among us and we can’t help but think of family, so why not feature a family of four generations that we have the privilege to have as clients and friends? Teri, granddaughter of Faye and daughter of Donna is also mother of Alex and Josh. She was the first of the bunch to go to Angelina and soon enough the rest followed suit – Josh finding his way to Javie as well! The family knows all about family business as they are the proprietors of the well known and loved Hollywood Hardware. There is something in having that connection to building and running something from the ground up that is hard to put into words.. Here are some that Teri used to describe the other members..

On the shop: Old School.

On Faye: Sassy still, young, hip, beautiful, elegant.

On Donna: Caring, sincere,generous, beautiful.

On Josh: Silly, genuine, perfect.

On Alex: Adventuresome, a risk taker.

On Holidays: We Eat. Have Parties. Very old school, anything my mother or grandmother cooks. Everything Italian and classic American, like stuff from the 1950s, 1960s.

What they always sing to each other from the musical Wicked:

You’re perfect. You’re perfect. We’re perfect together.

A Taste of Summer in the Winter’s Cold

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Call it throwback if you want, or just imagine driving somewhere warm  and this..

The DEEDA tribute to KISS. Motorcity. Cool kids, a little face paint and a bit of attitude…

We wanted to capture summer, rock and roll and having your own ragtag group of friends who might not fit in just anywhere.

Hair and styling by Darcie and Adrienne.

Makeup by Jeff and Javie.

Photos by Olivia.


The Post-Baby CHOP!

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THE POST BABY CHOP from Deeda Salon on Vimeo.

Post wedding, post breakup, post baby or just because… A bob is always a welcome change.

Here is Sara’s post baby chop also dubbed “the skater bob” by Angelina.

The Zhoosh by Deeda at GOOD

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When something is good it’s good, it’s that simple.. Which is why we love the GOOD: Street food + Design market  that happens every first Sunday of the month. We have described it as an upscale craft fair with one of a kind designers from any category you could be looking for coupled with some of the top chefs in Sacramento preparing their best street food.

We did our first pop up shop there last month which consisted of a braid bar, spa water, yummy candles, kitty t-shirts (ask us the story next time you’re in) and vintage Chinese papier-maché pots. Here’s a taste of the action below. Check us out at the GOOD Night Market Thursday September 19th from 6-10!

Pretty Drinks For Pretty Girls

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When the “Local Guiders” of Midtown Cocktail Week approached us to do hair for a spread in their guide to the events surrounding the event we gladly accepted! If you got one of said guides you may have noticed the pretty girls with the pretty drinks yourselves. Here are some of our favorites if you missed it!

Photographed by Jenn Bartell Photography + Design

Hair by Angelina Caceres, Emily Vierra and Javie Wallbanger.

Makeup by Michelle Takehara and Javie Wallbanger.

Hair and makeup assistance  by Eric Torneros.

Space provided by Ella Dining Room & Bar courtesy of Dave Seva.

Models: Jacquelyn Garcia of Deeda Salon, Jossalyn Nelson and Kelsey Johnson of Cast Images Talent Agency.

Deeda Stylists Ali and Schielah on Bows and Sparrows

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Loving the bows and sparrows closet case love <3 Click on the link to see Erin’s full interviews with these two lovely ladies and see what their style is all about! This is just a glimpse…


Our bohemian princess Ali

and preppy with a pinch of street, Schielah Magnolia


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Beautiful highlight, cut and round brush style by Angela.